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Town to Transition from Advanced Disposal to Waste Connections

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – On June 17, 2017, the Town of Huntersville will transition from Advanced Disposal, LLC. to Waste Connections, Inc. for solid waste disposal services (household garbage, yard waste and recycling). This change is the result of a business decision made by two companies to sell assets in unrelated markets. We anticipate that impacts of the transition will be minimal for solid waste customers. Branding will be the biggest change customers observe during the transition.

In anticipation for the change in providers, listed below are FAQs to provide solid waste customers with information about the upcoming transition.

Q: Will my current collection route and pick-up day change?
A: No, everything will remain the same. 

Q: Will the telephone number for customer support change?
A: No, the telephone number will remain the same: (704)-596-9428.

Q: Will there be an after-hours phone line?
A: Yes, this will remain the same.

Q: My containers still have the Advanced Disposal logo, will I receive new ones?
A: You will continue to use the container(s) you have until which time they can no longer be serviced. When a container reaches its end of life, it should be replaced with a new container. 

Q: My trash was not picked up on June 16, 2017, will my trash be picked up on June 17th if missed?
A: Yes, missed pickups are usually picked up the next day. 

Q: Will I notice if a transition has occurred right away?
A: The Advanced Disposal logo will remain on the existing trucks for a period of time and eventually be branded for Waste Connections. Customers will notice truck operators wearing Waste Connections uniforms.

Q: Will I still receive communications about trash delays and holidays?
A: The town has been proactive about ensuring a plan is in place to communicate with Waste Connections. Customers will still receive communications about delays and holidays.

Q: Is the Waste Connections office going to be located at the same address as Advanced Disposal?
A: No, the Waste Connections office will be located at 5516 Rozzelles Ferry Rd., Charlotte, NC 28214.

Q: Can Waste Connections locate my past call history with Advanced Disposal?
A: Yes, Waste Connections will have access to past call data.

We appreciate the strong working relationship as well as the customer service Advanced Disposal has provided our community since 2010. The Town looks forward to its new working relationship with Waste Connections, Inc., and will continue providing the community with quality solid waste services in the future.




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