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Greenway, Trail & Bikeway System

Existing Greenways in Huntersville

Torrence Creek Greenway-    click here for map

Upper McDowell Creek Greenway-  click here for map

McDowell Creek Dirtway (click here for map and click here for description of Dirtways)

Donate to Huntersville Greenways through Partners for Park

The Town of Huntersville has updated the Greenway, Trails and Bikeway Master Plan, which was approved by the Town Board in August of 2014.  The first plan was adopted in 2007 by the Town Board.

Click HERE to view 2014 Master Plan

Greenway Trail System

The Greenway, Trails and Bikeway Commission meets on the third Tuesdays of each Month / Town Center 105 Gilead Rd. - 3rd floor / 6:30pm and are open to the public.   Please contact Tracy Houk, Recreation Superintendent via email for additional information, questions and concerns.

The Greenway, Bikeway, & Trail Commission will not have an official meeting this month (June), instead they will attend the public meeting for the Northwest Huntersville Transportation Plan on June 20th.

To view the Greenway, Trail and Bikeway Committee members and past agendas and minutes, click here

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