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Downtown Huntersville Transportation System Plan

Downtown Huntersville Transportation System Plan


Town Board Receives Plan Update

At a Special Meeting held on October 6th, the Town Board received an update from Stantec Consulting, the firm preparing the Downtown Transportation System Plan for the Town.  The presentation by Stantec included a summary of public input received to date, along with a detailed description of the current and projected year 2030 operation of the downtown transportation system based on projected development, together with preliminary options for accommodating future growth and development within the downtown.

A follow-up session with the Town Board is Scheduled for sometime in November.

To view a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from this meeting, click here.

For further information, contact Bill Coxe, Transportation Planner:; (704) 766-2210

DowntownTransportation System Plan Public Workshop a Success 

Approximately 40 people attended a Public Workshop for the DT Transportation System Plan (DTSP) on June 5th from 6- 8 pm at the Old Huntersville Theater in downtown Huntersville. After a presentation by project consultants, attendees had the opportunity to respond to polling questions and participate in a mapping exercise to identify issues to be addressed in the plan. According to Zac Gordon, project manager for the plan: “The meeting was a great success and provided town staff and consultants with excellent input that will be used in preparing the DTSP. The DTSP will identify transportation system improvements that will be needed to accommodate growth and development in the downtown by the year 2030." An October completion date for the plan is anticipated.

The public is encouraged to visit the project website to learn more about the plan:

The public is also invited to provide comments, ask questions and join the conversation at the Mind Mixer site:

For further information, please contact Sushil Nepal at or (704) 766-2213. 

Downtown Transportation System Plan Purpose

The purpose of the  DHTSP will be to inventory, analyze and assess the existing transportation system within the Downtown (to view map of Study Area click here) and determine what improvements (both operational and capital) will be required to accommodate growth and development anticipated over the next 10-15 years.  The plan will study all modes of transportation, including both motorized (vehicular, public transit and rail) and non-motorized (pedestrian and bicycle) and analyze future transportation system operations based upon a “build-out” land development scenario for the downtown.

Recommended transportation system improvements may include:  road widening(s), additional street connections, bike and pedestrian accommodations, signalization, signal timing, lighting and signage.  

The DHTSP was recommended by the Town of Huntersville 2030 Community Plan, adopted by the Town Board in June 2011.  

Click on the link below to go to the live project website:

For further information, please contact Sushil Nepal at or (704) 766-2213.